Hintergrundbild AAA. Nicolai

The Founders

Nico & Leo, father and son. Two personalities, two creators, two visionaries with a pioneering spirit.
Two generations, two individualists with their own point of views on god and the world.
But the same high standards and the same passion for good whisky!

Who is behind Nicolai & Sohn?

NICOLAI & SOHN are Thomas Nicolai and his son Leopold Schwarze. Nicolai is an artist, sculptor,
writer and inventor. His visionary personality can be seen in his diverse artwork. Precision meets
creativity, craftsmanship meets experimental thought - Nicolai has the creative qualities to produce
a very special whisky. He is used to touring around the world to realize international art projects.
Nicolai now fully commits to creating a unique taste at his own distillery.

Leopold Schwarzes connection to the UK was reason to study British Studies at the University of
Leipzig. After living in Wales and England for nearly two years he developed a passion for whisky
and the characters that drink it. Traveling across the UK tasting whisky from South Wales to tiny
islands in Scotland, his palette has become attuned to subtle differences which will bring a great
addition to the distillery.

Together they seek to create a traditional yet progressive product that tells the story of whisky
from a German angle. Come along and see for yourself.

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